Best Burger In Newcastle

Best Burger in Newcastle?

The Best Burger in Newcastle, Chris Egon Searle

“I really want the best Cheeseburger in Newcastle.” Is a phrase that my mind has been landing on rather frequently in the past year or so as I embrace the sweet juices of a sweet sweet burger joint rather than seeing them as old hat. In fact of late the humble beef patty has become one of my favourite cuisines of it’s own and Newcastle-upon-Tyne where I live has developed a healthy competition for the big fat sandwich over the past few years.

The Best Burger in Newcastle, Chris Egon Searle

I have to say I had been a regular at The Fat Hippo Underground in Central Newcastle with its fine selection of tasty meats and have actually equalled the largest order in the place: 4×4 Burger + Extra Patty, side of Onion Rings and a Large Milk Shake. It was also the last place I ate before I briefly moved to the USA. Our Burgers even beat those in the States Nowadays.

Three Cheese Burgers Wait Patiently, Chris Egon Searle

The Grind Newcastle

A few weeks ago though I got booked to shoot the menu at critically acclaimed Newcastle Burger Joint The Grind @No28. I’ve worked with the Founder/Head Chef Charlie Mair in the past and I know him to be somewhat of a Wonder Boy of the Food & Drink industry so I knew I was going to be indulging in something special.

Burgers @ The Grind Newcastle, Chris Egon Searle

The great thing about doing food and drink shots beyond getting to see all the action backstage and setting up a Burger, Fries and Pint of Largr like it was some sort of classical Still Life is that once the shoot is over and the Menu has been spread out, there’s nothing left to do but sit down and eat what has been shot. No good letting it all go to waste.

Burgers @ The Grind Newcastle, Chris Egon Searle

I outdone myself this time finishing off a West Coast Classic, a Triple Buffalo and a ton of Chicken Wings and Fries. Now that is a lot of Burger….. and Calories. The photos look pretty good too!

Seasoning the Patty @ The Grind Newcastle, Chris Egon Searle

I was not disappointed. Now… I’m no Food blogger so I’m not going to bang on about the complexities of the Menu but what i do know is how to make an already tasty Burger look good in a photograph so hopefully the pictures will do The Grind and Charlie justice.

Burger, Chicken Wings Fries And Slaw @ The Grind Newcastle

Check out The Grind For what I now consider to be The Best Burger In Newcastle.

Newcastle’s Best Burger Joint, Chris Egon Searle

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